The music of Louis Colaiannia transforms musical notes into a sophisticated, relaxing, classy, unique, refined and most of all the SMOOTH AC format; the perfect place to de-stress.

Entrancing with its passion, his music will encompass your being allowing you to experience emotion in waves. Influenced by the works of such immortal composers as Beethoven, Mozart, and Rachmoninoff, Louis Colaiannia intoxicates with their same passion, complexity, and enchantment. Described by Scott Taylor, Veteran Radio Consultant and Award Winning Programmer, as an, “Incredible composer and performer with a touch of Tesh, Brickman & Yanni all rolled into one. His music is both soothing and uplifting, allowing the senses to feel every note.”

Notes From Louis…
"I am very excited about SMOOTH AC and my new single, Obsession. I believe my
fans will find this as a very sultry track, with Latin rhythms
accentuated by drums and guitar. Please enjoy...

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The newest release (available on iTunes) by multi-award winning, internationally recognized musician Louis Colaiannia features the sultry saxophone of Greg Vail, the subtle Latin rhythms accentuated by the brilliant Brazilian bassist Eduardo “Bijoux” Barbosa, drums by Burt Shur, guitar by guitar master Danny Masters, and piano by Louis Colaiannia.

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Upcoming Concerts and Events

Aug 3 Woodland Park Vino and Notes
Weekly Radio Show: Colaiannia hosts the radio show, “Tranquil Moments” on KYGT (102.7 FM ) on Sundays, between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m., MST.The show is streamed via the internet and features New Age, Ambient and Contemporary Instrumental music as well as guest interviews on occasion. More information at: