"That Louis Colaiannia is a brilliant pianist is an obvious statement: akin to "the sun is warm" in terms of room for debate" - Will Ackerman, Grammy Award winning guitarist/founder of Windham Hill Records
Two time winner of the Primo Award for Italian American Entertainer of the Year
"Colaiannia's inspired compositions and graceful piano playing, combined with the stellar contributions of his fellow musicians, make this record an absolute delight to listen to." - Raj Manoharan
The album Closer was #1 in the world on the One World Music Top 100 Radio Chart

Music of Louis Colaiannia...

transforms musical notes into ethereal images that captivate the soul. Entrancing with its passion, his music will encompass your being allowing you to experience emotion in waves. Influenced by the works of such immortal composers as Beethoven, Mozart, and Rachmoninoff, Louis Colaiannia intoxicates with their same passion, complexity, and enchantment. Described by Scott Taylor, Veteran Radio Consultant and Award Winning Programmer, as an, "Incredible composer and performer with a touch of Tesh, Brickman & Yanni all rolled into one. His music is both soothing and uplifting, allowing the senses to feel every note."

Notes From Louis...

"July 20th is almost here.  The date for the tragic 2012 Aurora movie theatre shooting.  I know that myself and you, my fans, want to support the Aurora victims.  You can help us by either buying the song Aurora or donating directly to COVA.  Please click the links below.